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The balls on Saturday, we’re not going. YAY! But it seems better than last years, they’re having belly dancers. Last years ball sucked. Someone apparently has spent $2000 on getting ready for the ball. Gee and Jolene and me thought $500 last year was bad.
Jolene unfortunately though has to take photos at the ball which was originally going to be for half an hour but now has to be an hour and we’re suppose to go to Ben’s go watch a DVD again, so we’re just gonna go later.
Letitia was gonna come to the movies tomorrow, but we’re going to Ben’s instead so hopefully she’ll come to Tuesday’s movies with us and Oregan to see PS I love you. Oregan’s reading the book which she said she has cried over, that its sad and beautiful. And I think Fynleigh said she cried during the movie. Aw.

Jolene and me organized a private maths class thing with Mr Flaws on our free periods because for UE Entrance we need more maths credits. She’s got 8 and I’ve got 9 so it’s a waste not going because of 5 maths credits. I think it’s unfair how you need 14 for maths and only 8 from English, my mind is reversed and I got 16 for English and 9 for maths. Grr. But anyway we’re gonna try and get those annoying maths credits this year so that we can go to Victoria University next year. Jolene was originally gonna go to Weltech. Letitia said she misses school and Jolene and me are telling her to go back. She could get UE too, she has enough maths credits and just needs to do her Wide Reading so she can get the rest of her English. We pestered her last year to, argh, all she needed to do was read some books and write her opinion about them. She LIKES reading so its strange. I’m still not sure what to major in and stuff. Oregan thinks I should do Phycology because I think deeper or something…hmm. Philosophy as a minor would be good.

We have to read this book called In My Father’s Den for English. At first I thought it was kind of boring and truthfully it isn’t very captivating but the end does have a unexpected twist. The book study is always a mediocre book. In fifth form we did Tomorrow when the war began which was ok…and Lord of the Flies last year which was better. A lot of classes do a Harry Potter, maybe Philosopher’s Stone or Chamber of Secrets because they’re smaller for a book study but no…we never do. It’s like they’re afraid to pick something just because its sensation so they go for ordinary and boring. More people would pass if they choose a Harry Potter ;D there’s LOTS of themes to choose to analyse, it’s interesting and written so well you’re there when you read it. And there like the best book of OUR decade. Oh well.

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Oh wow I haven’t blogged in ages. Jolene, Zoë, Letitia and me all have blogs but I’m the only one who kept with it, oh! So typical. Ha, ha.
Well I haven’t been up to much, we went to Ben’s house on Wednesday to watch Borat and Beer Fest, Beer Fest is so hilarious. Lukas was there, Jolene and Riki came and then we didn’t get back till like 12, so I was tired for school but then on Thursday night I was up till 1 reading. I’ve started The Book of Lies for the second time, kind of hard to remember what happened because I read it ages ago. There’s a sequal to The Book of Lies which is Master of Books I think, I hired that out too. We all read a book called Damaged a while ago, it was so sad. True story about a foster child who no one wanted because wow, she was a lot of work. Her dad raped her heaps, so did her mum and people she was made to call her uncles. All standing around, watching and laughing, taking photos…disgusting. The girl Jodie was only 9 or something. I have read and write up about a book on prejudice soon for my wide reading theme.

This weekend has been shitty and I probably won’t be at school on Monday. I have a cold or a flu, probably a flu because I had a fever on Friday and chills on Saturday, when no one else was cold. My glands in my upper neck feel like rocks they’re so hard and swollen, my neck is stiff, and of course the runny nose and all I’m doing all weekend is blowing my nose and gracefully filling up paper bag after paper bag of snotty tissues. Charming eh? I HATE BEING SICK!


It’s Monday now, and I feel slightly better. Nose is still runny but my neck isn’t stiff and the glands have gone down and I feel better, but my throats gone all croaky even though it’s not sore. The double standards are ridiculous, they don’t like giving Sudamol to people because some druggies use it to make pee, speed, whatever, and yeah… but they gave this man two bottles full when he asked without question because he had a suit on. With me they thought I was just a kid so I couldn’t have any and they were surprised when they found out I’m nearly 18.
I joined the library finally, I had a membership years ago but lost it or something, probably something to do with fines…I got some books out for my theme wide reading study. They look interesting. Nothing for Tears about an innocent family whose house gets bombed and the wifes husband Freddy gets sent to a Russian concentration camp, The Gladiator about Rome’s warrior slaves and Sins of our Fathers about black slaves who got tortured pretty bad, whipped till their skin was raw, hanged, hurt with branding irons, fetters, whips, thumb screws and mouth openers. It’s disgusting and horrible. Apparently they felt justified doing that to African people because they thought they were related to apes or something. But according to Darwin’s theory so were they, stupid idiots. They were the savages, posing as English gentlemen in their fancy clothes. They even tortured babies.

Discrimination’s is everywhere everyday, large or small scale. Just like with the medicine, they’ll gladly give it to someone who wears a suit, and suspiciously asks for two bottles worth when you only need a little bit for a runny nose, you’re not allowed too much anyway. But if someone else asks for some its like a big deal. The larger scale discrimination is a lot worse obviously but I don’t understand it. I hate it. People are ageist and try to pay teenagers less, like…how does being younger mean you don’t work as hard as older people? It doesn’t. The American’s still have a large group of racists who are rednecks and they’re basically still not ready for a black president so I think Hillary Clinton will get in. That Phelps family are the most openly prejudice family in America. They hate gays and for what? Because God apparently hates gays, and actually I think the bible does condemn against homosexuality but apparently the Catholic Church tampered with the bible and added things in. God even says do not worship other gods because I am a jealous god, so that’s like him saying there are other gods, after all. Well, the Greeks certainly believed in their gods and after reading Alexander the Great I learnt that Alexander was very lucky, and strange omens and signs came true after praying to the gods. The Phelps family take bits like that, the odd passage where God seems foreboding and teach hate it and discriminate against things, but they selectively forget other stuff the bible says. They forget about love and kindness and not to JUDGE others because we will all be judged accoringly by Jesus…THEY have no place to judge others. Like the tragic character Danny says in American History X hate is baggage and it’s not worth it. When will people learn? What will it take? World war III?

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MP3 for mum

Last weekend was Letitia’s 18th. Dinner was at Cobb and Co and the party was at her childhood baby sitters house. Hardly anyone was there (but apparently more turned up later) it was slightly uncomfortable and Jolene and Riki eventually came and we just kept to ourselves because she wasn’t even talking to us anyway. She was more concerned with flirting with all her boyfriends from Feilding. So we snuck out when they went inside.

Zoë will be in Japan, settling in. I bought Ghost and Toy Story yesterday. Ghost is such an awesome movie and a classic you have to own it but once I watched Toy Story I wondered why the hell I wasted my money on that. I seemed to think it was really cool, from memory. But that obviously was from memory when I was little, being little, it was obviously cool. But not anymore.

I’ve missed lots of Shortland Street because of DVDS but I think its only been about Alice getting trolled and going psycho so I’m not that concerned.

It’s Good Friday. Yus five days off. And we still get paid even though we’re not working today, Monday and Tuesday.

Dominique got her tattoo of an anchor, because her great grandfather had one. Riki joked that if her great grandfather had a tattoo of a retard she’d get one too, and Dominique was very angry about that, as she told me at dinner. I want a tattoo but I don’t. I had put it off because I’m worried about the pain, everyone says it doesn’t hurt that much though. Dominique said it feels like a bee sting, and I’m thinking, hello! Bee stings bloody hurt, and I’m allergic to them. But I also don’t know what to get and whatever I’d get I’d regret anyway.

Oh and Dad bought mum a $99 MP3 player for her birthday ’cause she keeps stealing my iPod (I was surprised she’d know how to use it) and I’m gonna put songs she likes on it before we give it to her but when I plugged it into my computer nothing came up as usual. A start up thingy should pop up.

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Art room mayhem

Zoë, me, Jolene and Riki went to Sweeny Todd tonight, it was pretty cool, they killed people and made pies out of them…Johnny Depp has a really nice singing voice!

I watched American Idol before, Jolene and I love that teenager whose been living in his car, but he mucked up this performance even though he did a really really good one before that one on the keyboard.

It’s Letitia’s birthday soon, dunno what to get her…maybe something new age I guess, she likes that stuff. It was going to be some party with a DJ but now it’s dinner at Cob and Co and I don’t think Jolene’s going. Dominique texted Jolene that she moved back to Levin, we asked them if they wanted to come to the movies but Letitia said she was working when actually she was at a drag thing with Dominique watching boy racers, with fat sluts. Michael and Letitia did get back together for, what? A week? Then broke up again. Hmm. This weekend I have to do heaps of the Art History assignment, my first log for theme study in English and task 2 of Classics. Once we’ve finished one big chunk of work in Classics we think, good, less to do but then another chunk comes. We made flash cards today of important dates we need to remember. I’ve never used flashcards to learn before, but that probably would have helped with Biology…

Can’t really think of what’s really happened lately, not much. Athletics day soon. Oh yeah, we had so much fun on our free period in the Art Room. Ohau (my house) is the only house that hasn’t done much on the banner…it’s a take off the movie 300 which I don’t think I’ve seen…and we decided, ok, we’ll make a better one on a smaller piece and it turned out pretty stupid. We wrote by Thomas. Every day we’ve been going to the Auditorium to learn our chant…other years for Athletics I haven’t participated but this year I will…Ohau use to be the “house to beat” but for the past few years have lost…They said we’ve got heaps of good athletes in our house but when I was looking at our meetings there was hardly any seniors, just tons of little people. Or so it seemed. We were pissing ourselves laughing and Jolene was trying to deny her humours warped too…the girl who ‘died’ over us laughing like chickens on my mic and walking on cones at Ohau…and billions of warped things actually. We were cutting out funny (to us) photos to put on Zoe’s wall but Fynleigh thought these dumb ones were funny, and they were not.

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We won the egg like Harry Potter did

Yesterday was hilarious, extra hilarious. We cut out pictures of lips and put them on our lips but we had way too much fun with that idea. See Zoë’s pictures for further insight. Haha. And the day before that, I think it was, Jolene and me were positively dying, like worse than usual. In the way where you might die from laughter, be dead, come back to life because it was just a near death experience and get in the process of dying from laughter, way. It’s really stupid when I think about it, but it’s like inside joke and memories that only we had so we get it. There’s this song that goes “The world is black, the world is white, together we learn to read and write. The child is black *clap clap* the child is white *clap clap* together we leeeeearn to see the sight. A beautiful siiiiiiighte, a beautiful siiiiiight, a beautiful siiiiiight” and it does the sight bit really funny. Not to mention it’s a pretty cheesy song. But yeah. Zoë, Oregean and Hayley didn’t think it was funny, obviously they wouldn’t because as I said it was an inside thing, but they did piss themselves over us dying from laughter.

Lately we’ve been having the maddest cool discussions. It’s good ‘cause Zoë’s going soon to Japan for a YEAR *tear* and it’s going to be SO sad. I realize now why she cried yesterday, I guess it must have SUNK in, because I knew she was going but I didn’t really think about how sad its going to be. I’m going to miss our special inside stuff, because I reckon each friend even if they’re a group of friends, has their own inside stuff just with each other.
Art History is awesome, we usually trail off afterwards about in depth thinking conversations. Yesterday it was dreams, and stuff like, what are thoughts? I also really like Business. We’re going earrings and ours is called ‘Star Jewellers’ I’m the communications director.

We discussed the whole egg and sperm thing. Like how, some people say they’re not competitive but by nature we kinda all are. All the other sperms are the ones who died, the losers. But we’re the ones who got to the egg, the winners. Hahaha. That little head on the sperm must have like a pinprick little brain of its own…because it like, knows it has to get to the egg…or try to… I said I thought I had my dads legs and Oregan said she thought she did too, which is probably way un feminine yet they don’t look un feminine it’s just like a bone structure thing. His legs are lanky anyway so it’s not like buff rugby man legs 😀

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Anger of Zeus? ha

Today has been a relatively bad day but it pretty much started at work. My vacuum cleaner stopped working so Zac put a new bag in it. But it still didn’t work so I got another vacuum cleaner and it cut out too. So Tia got me another one and that one stopped working to. Three vacuum cleaners clonking out? Gosh, the Greek Gods have it in for me today. Zeus must be angry at me, sorry Zeus ;D and then to top it off my computer wont work! It wouldn’t get past that V Class bit. So I unplugged everything and plugged it back it in case they weren’t in properly – about five times I did this and every time it didn’t work. From past experience I know that it only ever works if you disassemble your entire computer and put it back together. Grr. So at work I didn’t even get round to cleaning until 4.

We had our careers appointments, even though I had one last year. Today was a loooong day but that was probably because we had no free periods. Jolene and me bought these weird iceblocks, they were disgusting. Zoë got shitty because we copied everything she said and did, oh laaaa.

My room is an abomination and two weekends in a row I’ve been meaning to clean it. 😥  but I don’t know where to start. Ever since I started school and started working I have no time really and no energy! I wish I had a maid, that or, I wish I was magic. Like Harry Potter, Sevvie Snape and Dumblydore. They can just wave their wands and swish! Their rooms are clean. It’s like, a scortify charm. Mum called Bridget a horrible little beast! Hahahah! Because she was cutting dolls hair and making them bald, getting up in the cupboard and leaving water all over the floor and mum walked through the water and saturated her socks. Also she pulled all dads sewing kits out. Mum said she’s been cutting dolls hair by the mile! And that she bathed about 7 dolls and left their hair that she cut all over the bench, apparently that hair is going to get in our food…but I suspect that it’s an overdramatic statement by one irritated mother who is now cleaning it all up. Mum added that she’ll be here to ‘kingdom come’ doing this. She’s hilarious without even meaning to be, actually I think I take pleasure in finding amusement in her trials and terrors, muahah. Not in an evil Wilimenia, evil Cinderella stepmother, Bellatrix Lestrange way, but yeah.

Oh yeah, I just began Joan or Arc and it’s really quite sad…

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Boring Chronicle and Year 13 camp

I am going to start up a news blog type of thing, because this one is my personal blog. Mum thinks I should do a Levin blog because the Chronicle apparently aren’t prone to writing the bad stuff about Levin. I mean for instance, once they did an article about the old people in the rest homes dancing…and it had photos…who wants to read about that?! And then when there was something about a paedophile in town, they didn’t write about it!

I changed into Art History today, it’s interesting and the class is really small. For English we have to do ‘Things that make me go hmm’ at the moment I’m thinking of doing it about the school and how we have the over the top rules about our appearance, I’m calling it, ‘Learning through our feet?’ We can’t even wear jandals, and c’mon, Jandals is like a Kiwi fashion tradition! Part of our culture! 😀

Camp was pretty fun. We really liked it and Zoë look some hilarious photos of us there. Oregen sung a Lion King song in French and it sounded really beautiful, amazing…one simple song and it sounds heavenly ahaha. She then played some classical piano music and Zoë, Danielle, Tyler and me ‘gracefully’ danced around that common room and drank quite a lot of coffee to boot. I really liked the Flying Kiwi, it was fun as. We had to do funny team work stuff like get all 13 of us to fit on a tiny wooden square…and another one where we had to swing from one square to another without touching the ground and again fitting all 13 of us onto the next square. Good fun though. Here’s some photos.

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Zeus’s son inside his thigh…haha!

Greek Mythology is quite hilarious sometimes, holy they were really slutty and promiscuous! Zeus raped lots of people and ew, someone I remember reading, impregnated like fifty people in one night. These stories are pretty funny. Zeus put his son in his thigh to protect him…imagine if you could do that every time someone you loved might get in harm, just hide them away in your thigh! Me and Zoë were ‘dying’ in Classics. Another god was born from sperm from a cloud or something that went all over the earth [HAHAHA!] and Zoë said I think it was Aphrodite had a ugly son so she chucked him in the ocean HAHAHHA shit. Greek Mythology is really interesting.

We can’t think of an idea for what to sell in Business. Hmm. Cleaning makes me hot and sweaty and dying and I need like 5 drinks afterwards. We had to get permission forms for that camp today because they like, needed them yesterday and I’m sure I lost my first one and I did not go and get another one.

Jolene got me to watch this thing on you tube called Letters from God, it’s about how it was us to have done all the damage not God and people blame it on God or use war, poverty and disease for example as excuses why he’s not real. Like why would a loving god create war and pain? But he didn’t, we did. Or he/she/it. But whatever form God is, there is one.

Jolene and me hired some good books out and Mrs Holland photocopied some good tips out. We totally had a good yarn with her. I wish there were more hours in the day, 24 hours isn’t enough. One of Jolene’s books probed a question or something about time, is it real or not, we just created it to manage everything. Obviously yes. Silly Letitia hasn’t signed out yet and she should if she’s quitting. Otherwise they’ll think she wagged all year ahaha.

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Nothing at all

First day back today, kinda boring because all our friends quit school. In year 11 Kere and Chelsea left, and Letitia quit/quitting and Zoë’s leaving after 6 weeks to Japan. I can’t believe she quit, what the hell. Olivia said Michael told her to. He’s being a dick to her. Two free periods today, didn’t have anything to do on my second one so it was kinda boring. I haven’t had that business thing yet but now I want to change that because its like accounting or something, oh no!

I got a cleaning job at school, yay. So I’m glad I didn’t get that stupid one at Fairfield. It’s so weird that Sarina’s brother Hayden is at our school, he looks the same size as he always did at Ohau but all the year 9s are teeny.

They had a Dayna acknowledgment thing in assembly, it was sad.

Oh no…I don’t really have anything to write about.


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First day back…kinda

I was right, it wasn’t a proper school day just another sorting out day ahaha. Jolene was disappointed there were no classes. Were both in Mr Skerman’s English class, but he wouldn’t let Letitia in because she only got 12 credits in English last year but I know here are other people who only got the same or 13 and were allowed. It’s probably because she didn’t do her Wide Reading. We told her to! And it wasn’t hard, all she had to do was talk about a few books she’s already read. Jolene and Letitia weren’t allowed in Classics because they didn’t have enough English credits but Miss Easton let Cody in who only had 5 credits in English apparently! So not fair. Apparently he sweet talked her, ew.

We had to go to Assembly, just yr 13s and yr 9s. They had a Maori speaker thing talk and I had no idea what they said and we sing some songs too. I hate that I find all that stuff funny but I didn’t laugh, well snorted once and then I could see Letitia trying to compose her face too and Jolene when the second Maori speaker started. Sarina’s dad was there, that was cool/funny. I saw Sarina when we drove past Horowhenua, she waved. I waved back. Apparently we have to go on that camp thing. I think I lost my timetable. It was small. Letitia changed her second correspondence from Child Care to Retail.

The sausage rolls from the canteen are still gross. But at least we get to go to the dairy now without getting detention. And go at lunch without a lunch pass. And I think we had like 4 free periods for the week which is good. But we can’t go in the common room for a while apparently because its being used as a classroom and the year 13s last year ruined it for not keeping it tidy.

Jolene’s new camera is really cool, Miss Leighton said she was jealous and it takes photos with really good precision. We got our Year Books today, we forgot to get them last year.

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